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Federal Release Of Truck Gps At Gds

When you have fleet drivers, there are hours of service they must comply with. This is due to the laws, and there is no way around them. If your employees get caught violating them, you will be held liable. Your insurance can go up, your fleet overall can suffer, and you may have fines. You may have to let drivers go too and that means a shortage of people on hand to get the work done. People are counting on the deliveries to be made!

GPS fleet truck systems can help ensure breaks and even maintenance scheduled are being followed. Create a schedule that needs to be in place in order to stay in compliance with the laws. For example, after so many hours of drive time, a driver is mandated by law to have at least a 30 minute break. The truck has to be stopped for this period of time. They should enter into the truck GPS system they are on a scheduled break when it starts and then enter into the GPS system when that break is done.

These breaks help the driver to get out of the vehicle and move around. They also help them to get a break from focusing on the road. They can use that time to stretch, go for a brisk walk, make personal phone calls, and even get something to eat. By not skipping these breaks, they will be more in tune with what is going on when they get back into the driver's seat.

They will also be in compliance with the laws and that is important. You don't want any driver or any of your fleet vehicles to be in the hot seat due to discrepancies. Inspections can take place at any time. They will definitely occur if there is any type of accident reported.

Correct procedures for preventative maintenance is important if you want to keep your fleet operating like it should. Expensive repairs are often the result of maintenance neglect. Don't wait until there is an issue with the truck before it is looked at. Drivers need to be responsible for checking certain items at regular intervals. This can all be part of the GPS tracking details for your fleet.

This can reduce the cost of expensive repairs which means less overall operating costs. This can result in fewer trucks breaking down when they are out on delivers. When that happens, they may need to be towed back to the yard. It can also mean loads are showing up late, and then you have unhappy customers.

Diagnostic alerts can be customized for your truck GPS fleet. This allows anything that needs taken care of to be done without being overlooked. You have a busy fleet and you may have some high mileage vehicles. They can still last a very long time if they little details get paid attention to. The more life you get out of them, the more profitable your business will be. The cost of new trucks is one of the largest expenses in this type of business model. You have read, Federal Release Of Truck Gps At Gds.
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