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Common Rules At All Drug Rehab FL Facilities

While each drug rehab FL facility is going to have their own rules and regulations for you to follow, some of them are very common and should be adhered to no matter where you go. It is vital those rules don't get broken or you may be asked to leave the facility. While they do want to help you, they can't put the well-being of other patients or their staff at risk if someone isn't willing to do their part to keep it safe.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol should be taken into such a drug rehab in FL. If you are thinking about sneaking anything in, dismiss that from your mind. You won't be helping yourself and you will be putting the recovery of others at risk and that isn't fair. Don't tempt them with drugs or alcohol when they have been working on not using.

Your belongings are going to be carefully inspected when you arrive at the drug rehab. They need to be certain you didn't bring in anything they view as contraband. This can include weapons too. You may be limited to brining just certain items with you so make sure you go through that checklist as you pack.

Relationships and intimacy between staff and patients or patients isn't allowed in most drug rehab centers. There are some exceptions though such as those facilities where couples attend together so they can both get treatment for drug use at the same time. Professionals are never allowed to engage in any type of relationship other than a professional one with patients at any time. Any breaking of such rules should be immediately reported.

Confidentiality is at the core of any drug rehab. You should never share what you are told by other patients. When you are part of group rehab, you need to be respectful of what is being shared. You don't have to agree with them but you shouldn't criticize them for their decisions or try to change the way they think. You can debate respectfully on some topics but each person should have the freedom to share what they would like to.

Never engage in behaviors at a drug rehab FL that are violent, harassing, or theft. If you don't get along with another patient you should allow staff to handle it. They will try to assist with working it out or with keeping the pair separated. If you engage in criminal behavior while in drug rehab FL they may call the cops to come arrest you.

Your attendance in sessions is going to be mandated for the duration of time you are at the drug rehab in FL. If you miss your scheduled classes or counseling you can be in trouble. There is likely a list of people trying to get in for help and if you aren't going to accept it they want to offer it to someone else. If you don't feel well or have another reason for not attending you need to go through the proper procedures of that drug rehab in FL to get it excused.

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